Instict is the answer

For 2-6 players
Playing time: 60-90 minutes

Trivia and role-playing game in one.

Survivory is a unique combination of a survival-themed trivia game where correct answers are rewarded by essential survival items for the players' characters and a final role-play scenario that puts that preparation to the test.
The cooperating pairs of players get a pretty thorough survival education in a fun environment.
The three different scenarios (Blackout in winter / Plane crash in the jungle / Zombie outbreak) and the hundreds of Q&A cards provide endless variability.


  • 6 characters with different skillsets and traits including health, stamina and luck attributes
  • 3 survival scenarios players can pick at the beginning of each game: Blackout in winter, Plane crash in the jungle, Zombie outbreak
  • over 200 survival knowledge cards with multiple choice questions on one side and the correct answer on the flip side
  • 18 comic "knowledge" cards regarding zombie outbreak survival questions
  • tailored lists of survival gear for each scenario

Language versions: English, Hungarian, Romanian

Market Launch:
Hungary 2015 (Túlélők viadala)
Romania 2016 (Supravietuirea)

Largest retailers in Hungary:
Libri - the largest bookstore chain in Hungary, 
Líra - the 2nd largest bookstore chain in Hungary,
Regio Toy - the largest toystore chain and boardgames wholeseller in Hungary.

45 USD /43 EUR /13 990 HUF*
*Recommended retail prices  

Game Author: Hedvig Bartha
Graphic Designer: David Cserkuti


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