Partykracher (Party Service)

Wer traut sich am Meisten? (The Icebreaker)

For 4-8 players
Playing time: 60-90 minutes

Party game

This party game is loads of fun, even if lubrication is restricted to alcohol-free drinks.
Various exciting, outrageous, even racy challenges await the players and genuine fun is guaranteed.
The game is a great icebreaker among strangers and helps to form stronger bonds among friends and acquaintances.

Unique features:
8 beer bottle caps as playing figures
61 party cards and 23 courage cards for brave players (optional to include in any given game).

Languages: German, Hungarian, currently being translated to English

Market Launch:
Hungary 2011 (Buliszervíz)

Largest retailers in Hungary:
Libri - the largest bookstore chain in Hungary,
Líra - the 2nd largest bookstore chain in Hungary,
Alexandra - the 3rd largest bookstore chain in Hungary,
Müller- the 3rd largest drugstore chain in Central-Europe,
Regio Toy - the largest toystore chain and boardgames wholeseller in Hungary,
Metro - the 4th largest retail store chain in Europe,
Auchan - the 5th largest retail store chain in Europe,
Spar - the 10th largest retail store chain in Europe.

Market data - Hungary::
Market share amongst 18+ party board games: 28 %
Christmas sales (6wks) 15% of entire year, strong New Year's Eve sales
Top 10 product at Christmas in online toy and game stores.

31 USD / 28.5 EUR / 8 990 HUF/*
*Recommended retail price  

Game Author: Hedvig Bartha
Graphic Designer: David Cserkuti


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